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Experience Theater at Home

With the wide array of technology available in modern homes, you don’t need to go to a movie theater to have an immersive entertainment experience with the purest sound and sharpest images available. You can design your own home theater featuring state-of-the-art sound equipment in the greater Kansas City area to boost the value of your home as well as your enjoyment of your space.

Whether you are a sports fan, movie buff, or committed entertainer, a home theater can be an excellent investment for your household, especially when you work with experienced sound professionals like the staff of NW Audio.

Key Components of a Home Theater

As you design your home theater, you might find that there is a wealth of options to enhance your space. From custom-built theater seating to automated lighting and window shades, there are many details that can complete your theater experience. Below, you’ll see the fundamentals of a quality home theater that will serve as the foundation for your design.

Surround Sound – When you go to a movie theater to watch films on the big screen, the most memorable part of the experience often is not the picture, but the sound. Surround sound can immerse you in any scene from an Old West shootout to a high-stakes car chase, so be sure that you have the right speaker and subwoofer setup to achieve pure, clear sound.

Projector Screen – High definition televisions can function well in a home theater, but to truly capture the theater aesthetic, you might want to equip your space with a projector and screen.

Window Treatments – Particularly with a projector setup, it will be essential to have control over natural light in your theater space. Residential window tinting can darken windows that might otherwise let sunlight spill in, and it offers the added benefit of climate control to keep you comfortable in all seasons.

Universal Remote Control – Because home theaters may incorporate many different types of technology and gadgets, it is helpful to consolidate controls with a universal remote. If you want even easier controls, you might set up home automation technology that responds to voice commands or functions with a smartphone app.

Choosing the Right Installer for Your Home Theater

When you make an investment in surround sound technology, you will want to know that it is installed by experienced technicians who can make the most of your investment. NW Audio will ensure that you select the right speakers and accessories for your space and install your new system with an optimal setup for entertainment. To learn more about what sets us apart and the leading speaker brands we carry, call us at (816) 279-6100 in St. Joseph or (816) 858-2303 in Platte City.