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If you think that custom audio systems shouldn’t be relegated to passenger vehicles alone, you’re right—why shouldn’t your ATV, your boat, or your motorcycle feature the customized sound system you want as well? Whether you want to listen to your favorite playlist, stream your favorite music app, or simply catch the local radio station from your ATV or boat, NW Audio can help with custom recreational vehicle audio system installation, including watersport vehicles, motorcycle systems, and more.

Special Considerations when Choosing Recreational Vehicle Audio Systems

Recreational vehicles such as boats, ATVs, motorcycles, and scooters have unique needs with respect to audio system manufacturing and installation. Choosing the right audio system for your recreational vehicle will enhance your listening experience, no matter where you take your music.

Weather- and water-resistance are important factors when selecting your recreational vehicle’s audio system. While you may think that water-resistance, UV-resistance, and anti-corrosive coatings are only important for marine vehicles, the truth is that these features are just as important in motorcycle and ATV systems as well.

Mounting and accessibility play a significant role in the convenience and enjoyment of your audio system. Choosing controls and speakers that are placed in the best locations for your needs, such as handlebar-mounted speakers or Bluetooth connectivity, will ensure that your audio system delivers exactly the functionality you want.

Keep in mind the amount of power your new sound system requires. The right amplifier will ensure your audio is clear and audible, regardless of background or vehicle noise.

Spotlight on Rockford Fosgate Audio Systems

You demand the best from your recreational vehicle, and that means demanding the best from its audio system as well. Rockford Fosgate has manufactured high-quality audio systems for ATVs, motorcycles, boats, and cars for over 35 years. This popular brand is well known for its durability and its sound quality, setting it apart from other companies that may focus on one of these characteristics while falling short on the other.

Each Rockford Fosgate audio system is designed to deliver the very best performance possible, regardless of the type of recreational vehicle you own and in any type of location, setting, and environment imaginable. As music grows ever more portable and becomes an integral part of any recreational experience, Rockford Fosgate strives to design and purpose-build sound systems that cater to your high standards and your everyday needs.

If you’d like to learn more about Rockford Fosgate audio systems and custom audio installation for your recreational vehicles for an amazing audio experience on land or sea, please call NW Audio at (816) 279-6100 in St. Joseph or (816) 858-2303 in Platte City.