Remote Starts

Start Your Car without a Key

While some luxury car brands have remote starters come standard with their cars, many cars do not come with this option unless it is installed aftermarket. The team at NW Audio can install a remote starter on nearly any car—giving you the luxury of safely starting your car without a key! We install various types of high-quality remote starter brands including Viper, Python, and Avital.

A few benefits of having a car with a remote start are as follows:

  • You can warm up or cool down your car before you get in
  • You can ensure the engine is warm before driving
  • Higher re-sell value
  • Security

Installing a remote starter for your vehicle does not make it easier to steal. All systems require the car key to be in the ignition before it can be shifted out of “Park.” Some systems, in fact, can notify you if your car’s locks are being tampered with and permit you to set off your car’s alarm from any distance. Please contact us today at (816) 279-6100 or (816) 858-2303 to learn about our remote start systems!

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