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Basic 12-Volt Installation

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Here at NW Audio we are your number one 12 Volt Specialists!

12 volt can mean so many things, it can mean putting a stereo in a big rig to installing  a CB in a big rig. It could be putting wheels and tires on a car or it could be putting a stereo on a boat. Our primary services are on the audio side, since we are in the audio business we want to make your car sound like a concert and make your music more enjoyable and excitable.

The first thing I like to do is find out ok what kind of car do you have and what do you want to do in your car you want to do just a radio or you want to do the door speakers you wanted to add some little thump on the trunk with some bass I mean where do you want to be and what is your budget because the great thing about us we can fit anybody’s budget and we do that in multiple ways with financing or with no credit needed Lease Option. or we take care of our military the same way we do military financing and federal government employee financing we do the remote starts keyless entry security smart starts cell phone connecting to the vehicles to deal it’s a kid century or starting back up sensors backup cameras rear view near cameras in-dash navigation gps systems car audio and subwoofers door speakers amplifiers external speakers for mobile vehicles with boats ATVs also do heated seats window tinting has become a very big part of our business also but then also detail has been a part of our business we’ve been growing the last four years of our 12 in business when you come in of course we’re going to look up our information booklets on your car to know what radio can be replaced what speakers what size they are how they need to be replaced and by be able to come in come in into our actually closed sound room where other people in cancel area do you have sound rooms but they’re not rooms they’re open to the whole sales floor you’re affected by a big room you’re in your car is not as big as a big room so you don’t get quite the same sound when you come to end of the audio the goal is you leave here with a knowledge of what you’re buying and what you’re getting because why come into a store if you’re going to make a big purchase you better know what you’re buying anything that you can put a battery in we can put speakers on it make it sound better make it sound unique and make every event that you do fun you

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