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Auto Window Tinting

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Auto Window Tinting
Don’t let strangers look in your car!
If you have an upgraded audio system in your car or a DVD player, you may wish to consider having your windows tinted so no one tries to break into your vehicle. Window tinting allows you to see out but hinders people from looking in. It also decreases the risk of your car’s interior fading and peeling due to sun damage, as well as makes your vehicle up to 10 degrees cooler during the summer months.
At NW Audio, we install the following two brands of window tints:
Each tint has a lifetime warranty on the film and labor and can drastically reduce UV light. Our Kansas City car technicians have more than 10 years of window tinting experience and can ensure you receive the tint you want for your car. If you are interested in obtaining a complimentary estimate for our car window tinting services, call our Kansas City car audio shop today at (816) 396-6595 or (816) 366-5699.